How to Straighten Hair Without Heat or Chemicals

Straight hair without heat seems to be an understatement, especially for women who love the pampering comfort of salons. We learned from hair experts that certain chemicals and hair styling equipments can give us flawlessly beautiful straight hair. On the contrary, we are also aware that excessive hair styling and heat can cause damage to our beloved tresses. But don’t fret, because there are tons of natural ways to get straight hair without heat nor harsh chemicals.

Straight hair is an all time favorite among us women. We go to salons, spending lots of dollars and long hours, in hopes of achieving those luscious locks that we adore from models on TV for shampoo and hair product commercials. The idea of hair stylists pampering your mane sounds inviting (and relaxing). But before rushing to your next salon visit, 613 blonde wig do you know that there are easier and less costly means of how to straighten hair without leaving the incomparable comfort of your home? You heard it right, they are just waiting to be discovered!

To save you from the hassle of an expensive procedure for straight hair, we will be revealing tried and tested alternative means of getting straight hair without heat and harmful chemicals.

Natural Methods to Get Straight Hair without Heat


  1. Use Flat Paddle Brush


The Flat Paddle Brush is designed for taming and maintaining the straight hair texture. If you have unruly and wavy hair, you can achieve straight hair without heat with this type of brush. Right after washing and towel drying your hair, brush the strands continuously with the use of cool air, which you can do in front of a fan until the hair dries completely. You might not get slick hair, but it will surely be straighter than the original state, especially if done regularly.


  1. Roll It


You might be wondering how to straighten hair with this method. Hair rollers are considered ancient but are still very helpful, not only for curls, but for straight hair as well.

To achieve straight hairstyles without heat, use rollers on damp hair. For longer hair, consider bigger rollers and let it air dry until the hair is completely dry. This process takes more time, but at least you’ll save your locks from breakage.


  1. Wrap Around


Comb your hair while it is still wet, until it is smooth and free of tangles. Divide into two halves, straight down the middle. Lightly stretch your hair and wrap the strands around the back of your head while securing it with Bobby pins. Cover your hair with a silk scarf or cloth to keep frizz at bay and let it dry overnight.

If done correctly, this method will give you a straight hairstyle without the risk of heat damage – not to mention the natural volume and body that comes with it.


  1. Condition with Cold Milk


Milk is rich in protein, which is essential to healthy hair. Using cold milk as a conditioner will not only promote hair growth and strengthen your mane. It also promotes soft, smooth, and relaxed strands – giving you straighten hair instantly. To make sure that you cover all the hair from the roots down to the tips, pour the milk into a spray bottle and spray religiously. Allow the milk to condition your hair for 30 to 45 minutes, then rinse with cold water.


  1. Massage with Castor Oil


Castor oil can be a darling in the kitchen, but it also does wonders to the hair. This could ultimately end your quest on how to straighten hair naturally. Before washing, simply apply castor oil all over your hair from the roots to the ends. For maximum effect, keep it on for at least an hour. Cleanse with mild shampoo and conditioner, and you’re good to go!


  1. Coconut Milk and Lemon Hair Mask


These two natural ingredients create a powerful mixture for those seeking a solution on how to straighten hair without heat, harmful chemicals or visiting the salon. This method is as simple as mixing equal amounts of coconut milk and lemon juice to create a hair mask. Mix it well and allow to cool in the refrigerator. Apply as a mask all over your hair for an hour, rinse and condition as usual.


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