No News is Good News…

That statement must be true, because the only news I hear on the radio or see on TV is the bad news; death, murder, assault, car wrecks, bombs, mutilation, etc., etc. Is anyone else tired of hearing nothing but bad?

On my way to work this morning I was listening to a CD by my favorite band which, many of my regular readers will know, is Rush. As I approached my workplace I decided to switch on the radio and get an earful of the morning news. The Rush song, High Water – an uplifting anthem of life – had just ended and I switched to the radio. The first words I heard out of the newscasters mouth were “…bound, gagged, stabbed and stuffed into a closet.”

The report was about the death of a Bronx woman, Anna Rodriguez. Her family had tried contacting her after she failed to show up for a family appointment. That’s a sad story, nothing good about that at all. Sad that news reporters just spew the gory details. But you know what, that’s what makes the ratings right?

Did the newscaster follow-up with a good story? No, she went on to mention, matter-of-factly, that the founder of the Hooters chain of restaurants had died at the age of 69. No cause of death had been given.

By that time I had reached my destination so I was unable to find out whether the next news item would be positive or negative, but I could make a wild guess. For more detail please visit these sites:-

Do we enjoy hearing the bad news? On some level maybe we do. Hearing about another’s demise seems to confirm that we ourselves have yet again evaded the grip of death, for the time being.

But consider this… It is said that all things tend toward chaos. Media outlets who spread mostly bad news only help to confirm this theory. If they reported good news more often they could help to perpetuate goodness, and actually have a positive impact on our society instead of negative one. There’s no profit in reporting good news though, what sells is a side show, the dirty laundry and the death toll.

Food for thought.

Drew Vics is an artist, musician and writer from Norther New Jersey. His artwork has been featured in local newspapers, and he writes articles and sometimes humorous commentaries for various websites. Drew released a CD of his original music titled No More Waiting. His music can be found on iTunes and other music download sites.


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