The Debate Over Dog Collars Vs Dog Harnesses – Which is Best?

As a pet owner, there are several schools of thought when it comes to choosing from a collar, martingale collar, and a dog harness. The question always seems to come up on which is best for training, walking, and hanging tags. It seems everyone has a different opinion and with so many qualified people expressing their view, the decision can be daunting.

The right choice depends on several factors and the first question to ask your self is, “what goal am I trying to accomplish.” If obedience training is your goal than which commands you are teaching will determine the right choice. For example if the “come” command is the lesson then a training collar is best; if teaching your dog to walk on a leash without pulling is the lesson than a dog harness works best.

The reason a dog harness is better for walking is most pet owners fit a choke collar on their dog incorrectly, which can damage their throat, where as a dog harness spreads Dog Harnesses the pull evenly across the chest and legs without damage to the dog. For walking the seemingly uncontrollable dog, outfitting him or her with a no-pull dog harness is the best choice.

These no-pull dog harnesses are made from soft nylon with the leash attached to the ring in front of the chest instead of the top of the back. When your pooch tries to pull ahead on a walk, a quick tug on the leash and the harness zaps the power out of your dog forcing him/her to walk properly.

What turns most people off about harnesses is the difficulty getting it on their dog. If you have pulled some of these out of the package just looking at all, the straps and clips is enough to think you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Step in dog harnesses are much easier to fit on your dog. You simply have to hold the dog harness open and step your pooch right in.

The next issue to dog harnesses is some dogs have sensitive skin and the material can irritate your dog. When this happens, your dog begins to chew at the harness and in no time will have it in shreds. The solution is a soft dog harness. Puppia Soft Dog Harnesses have received rave reviews for their easy fit, they are stylish yet functional, and soft fabric is great for sensitive skin.

Some harnesses also double as a seat belt for your dog when traveling. If you are a pet owner who likes to take your pooch everywhere visiting family and friends then this perfect to prevent your dog from jumping out the car when you reach your destination. Like a child, your dog needs to be restrained in the car to keep them safe and secure.

While collars are great for hanging the necessary tags and will always have their place in certain training commands, dog harnesses are wonderful for everything else. From small dog harnesses, to training no-pull dog harnesses you will find the one that best fits your goals as well as comfort for your pooch.


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