Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Rise of Bad Animation

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters” will be coming to theaters across the United States this Friday (April 13). Making a movie from the cult kaufen sie k2 online Cartoon Network series seems like an odd idea. After all, the series episodes tend to be disconnected and rambling at eleven minutes. What could a 79-minute version of that possibly be like? And although the series does have some pretty rabid fans, it doesn’t have that many of them.

And yet, I’m overjoyed that this movie is being released, because this marks yet another stop in the rise of badly drawn, badly animated cartoons.

See, I love animation. I think it gives the artist an immense level of freedom, allowing him to tell stories that would never work in any other medium. But traditional animation is very expensive. An episode of The Simpsons costs approximately $1 million dollars to produce. That is a lot of money, anime4up and the need to expend that kind of money tends to make people more cautious. There are simply risks that the people forking over that sort of dole are not going to be willing to take.

An episode of Aqua teen Hunger Force, on the other hand, costs as little as $50,000 dollars to produce. And there are many people who are nowadays producing cartoons on their own, using only a computer and a couple of programs. These reduced costs lead to more risk taking, which leads to cartoons that deal with all sort of themes, including more adult themes, and that have an edgier or weirder sense of humor.

Take South Park, probably the most prominent cheap cartoon out there. Can you jiliko see a big Hollywood studio ever paying a million dollars to produce the pilot episode for that series, which had an alien implanted antenna coming out of a little boy’s behind? South Park would never have existed if it wasn’t for the fact that is was very cheap to make.

So, give me more badly animated cartoons, please. Make them interesting. Make them different. Take some risks. You’ll probably fail a bunch of times, but the successful ones can be very good indeed.



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