Ocean-Going Yachts

Embarking on a voyage on an ocean-going yacht is something many people yearn to do. Which is unsurprising as yachts are renowned as excellent craft for recreational sailing and for adding a touch of luxury to a holiday. They can either be traditional sailing vessels or power boats.

This kind of yacht can be built with two basic types of hull. There is the traditional monohull with the keel below the waterline and there are also multihull vessels. Those with two hulls are called catamarans, NFT Monkey and there is also a type of craft with three hulls – the trimaran. They also come in all shapes and sizes. So what kind of boat is an ocean going yacht?

These are differences between the various types of yachts. They can come as cabin cruisers and weekender yachts under 40 foot long, luxury yachts over 80 foot, luxury yachts exceeding 100 feet,and super yachts which can exceed over 150 foot in length. Of these types of vessels it is arguably the luxury and super yachts that are the best suited to sailing the oceans of the world. They have the size for cabin space for passengers and if necessary crew, as well as technological and safety equipment. The super yachts also have enough space for added luxuries such as swimming pools, dining rooms, galleys, air conditioning and media rooms.

The cabin cruisers which form the bulk of privately owned yachts can also be used for ocean sailing. Despite their more limited space compared with the luxury and super yachts, charteracatamaraninthebvi they can embark on long voyages of many miles. Improved modern design means that even within the more limited space, navigational equipment, a galley and seating is now commonly installed in the cruiser and weekender yachts.

There are also yachts that are specially designed to their owners specifications. Usually above 50 foot in length, they have luxurious interiors and have a large amount of storage space, essential when traversing oceans. Like all yachts these can be propelled by wind and sail. But the majority of craft are a hybrid of the two methods of propulsion, and can switch between sail and engine. Incidentally, bostonhaikusociety many vessels considered to be purely sailing craft also now have a low powered engine to propel the yacht when the wind has dropped.

The prospect of enjoying an ocean going yacht is not only for the owner and his family and friends. Yachts can also be chartered. A yacht can be chartered by going through a broker though it is advisable to only chose a broker that is a member of a recognised brokerage organisation such the MYBA.


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