How To Share/Transfer Large Files Via The Internet!

Internet is the fastest medium to share or transfer large files from one computer to another. createssh

FTP has several advantages over HTTP and considered as a reliable communication protocol to share/transfer large files via the Internet. Through FTP service you can transfer large files irrespective of the content (text, image, audio, video, multimedia, etc). Further, you can restrict cyber predators from accessing the files, which are stored in the server. Since files are transferred through individual FTP account, therefore only the authorized FTP account holder of a particular FTP site can transfer files in the server by providing the right user name and password.

Secured FTP provides some added security features like – encryption of digital information. Secured FTP hosting services allow you to encrypt the files with a ‘key’ before uploading them in the server. Authorized people can download and decrypt the file by using the ‘key’ in a right way. To enjoy this communication protocol you have to register for the setup of FTP hosting service in your business network. supermoz

How to organize FTP setup?

You have to create a new FTP site for your business network. This is the first step to build a complete setup of FTP hosting service. From the Site Manager section you have to create a new FTP site for your business network. During this process you have to provide following details:

  • Label for FTP site (e.g., My companyname FTP Space)
  • FTP Host Address (e.g.
  • User Name
  • Password directory24x7


During this process you have to define Login Type of the users. The FTP hosting service provider will provide the options of ‘Login Type’. You have to select an option to get connected with your registered FTP site. The system will then allow you to share/transfer large files via the server. buddylinks

How to manage FTP hosting service?

FTP hosting services are managed by FTP client software. FTP software provides necessary supports for transferring files over the Internet. For example, consider the facility of drag – and -drop or quick navigation from one folder to another just like Windows operating system. Following are some general features of FTP software:

  • Ensure file transfer from one server to another over the Internet
  • Store and configure connection between the server and the user
  • Provide ‘Content Manager’ to look after the functions
  • Support execution of several files within a given time
  • Monitor the flow of digital data through the FTP site
  • Provide user friendly smart interface


It is easy to manage FTP hosting service. FTP hosting service comes with all the site management tools, which are programmed by FTP software. seoboost


  • File Transfer System – to transfer the files efficiently through the network
  • Site and File Management System – to manage folders in the server and transmission of files
  • Access Right Management – to ensure the privacy of the data
  • Smart Interface – to make the site user friendly for registered FTP account holders


As an FTP service holder there is no need to pay extra effort to manage the file transmission system. If you have little knowledge about the functionality of FTP hosting service you can efficiently maintain your own FTP site without paying extra penny for the maintenance.

How to maintain FTP service?

Like FTP setup it is easy to maintain FTP service to get faster and secured transmission of digital data from one computer to another over the Internet. Features, which come with FTP hosting service, include user friendly maintenance facility. Following are some example to describe easy maintenance of FTP server:

Through FTP administrator you can set default user settings, which include default host and user level options and the system will automatically apply the new settings. There are several operations, which are considered as general maintenance of FTP hosting service. You can block files when uploading or downloading them in or from the server. Also you can rename or delete folders and create directory. The authorization of FTP server maintenance depends upon the priority of the user. Some FTP hosting service comes with the feature of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). In general this feature encrypts the content of the file to maintain privacy. Based on the requirement you can also encrypt user name and password. As an FTP administrator you can extend the registered storage space.

Finally, it comes to transfer or share large files over the Internet through a network. One user will connect with FTP service and upload file(s) in the FTP server. The copy of the uploaded file(s) will be stored in the FTP server. You have encryption facility with the FTP hosting service the system will encrypt the content of the file(s) before uploading them in the server. Another user will access the uploaded files from the allocated FTP site by providing authentic user name and password. If you upload the files as encrypted form then you have to provide the ‘key’ to decrypt and view the content. For more info please visit these sites:-


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